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Brandi Wine

Brandi Wine

The Queen of Crazy?!

Height: 5-foot-4
Weight: 151 pounds
Hometown: Hookers Creek, Tennessee

Brandi Wine's maniacal laughter echoes through Magnificent Ladies Wrestling locker room, and all of the ladies are instantly on notice that the most raucous member of their roster has arrived.

Some of the younger girls take the sound as their cue to make a hasty exit of the area. They have heard that a friendly slap on the back from Brandi will knock the wind out of you... or even dislocate a shoulder.

Whether or not it is her intent, Brandi's off-kilter demeanor frightens some of her opponents. According to her, she is just being herself.

"You never know what Brandi you're gonna get," she said while looking through her wrestling gear, deciding what to wear before a Magnificent Ladies Wrestling show. "One minute, I'm a good girl, then I hear that ring bell and I turn into a mega-bitch."

Brandi said pro-wrestling made her crazy, but in a good way.

"I wanted to do this since I was five years old. I remember watching the National Wrestling Alliance. I loved the Rock N Roll Express, Dusty Rhodes, Magnum TA, the Four Horsemen... but my favorite was Barry Windham!

Watching them do what they did the best made me want to get in the ring and kick some ass. I made that happen with a lot of determination and hard work. If that makes me crazy, then call me crazy, but call me that at your own risk!"

With wrestling being her greatest passion, Brandi said she has to use the tools she was given in order to enjoy success in the sport.

"I'm not a high-flier; I can't get my fat ass off the ground!" she said with a chuckle. "And I'm not very technical; I'm clumsy as hell.

That approach to wrestling only adds to the crazy perception of Brandi. The word that often comes to mind for fans and opponents alike with regard to Brandi is "powerhouse."

"I guess 'powerhouse' is a good description. I like to use a front face lock because I look good doing it. And I do have powerful legs, so the figure four leg lock works for me too."

Brandi is appreciative of the fans and their comments. But the notion of how she is viewed by other wrestlers causes some of the craziness to subside and allow her to be a bit more reflective.

"I know I can be crazy sometimes, but I really love getting in that ring with the other ladies – Debbie Combs, Lei Lani Kai, Malia Hosaka, Sherri Martel, I have been fortunate to be able to wrestle all of them. I have met some of the all-time greats – Heidi Lee Morgan and Judy Martin.

Magnificent Ladies Wrestling is a great promotion for continuing the tradition of one generation of women to pass this on to the next generation. Magnificent Ladies Wrestling is where I got to meet the great Joyce Grable. At the same time, Magnificent Ladies Wrestling allows me the chance meet new girls. They are so talented and Magnificent Ladies Wrestling let's them showcase their ability."

That is high praise for Magnificent Ladies Wrestling, coming from someone who has toured all over the world with the likes of Paul Orndorff, the Road Warriors, Greg Valentine, and Nicolai Volkoff.

The moment of reflection comes to a halt as Brandi remembers what is often regarded as the biggest match of her career. On July 30, 2000, Brandi faced her arch-rival Little Jeanne at the Sydney SuperDome in Australia in front of an audience of 10,000, live on pay-per-view.

"Me and Jeanne still have some unfinished business," she said. "Magnificent Ladies Wrestling is the perfect place for us to settle this. I want it. I know she wants it. The fans should make it happen. It will be match for the ages."

Credit: Magnificent Ladies Wrestling

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